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Marketing Kits! ~ How can they help your listings?

Now that you've gone through the steps of getting your new listing, staging it, & having it photographed! What are you going to do to ensure that it gets seen by as many people as possible?

More than likely, you'll try to advertise it as much as you can on your own! Get it on the Hawaii MLS system & other similar websites, along with posting it at your local brokerage! & Maybe even put it up on your social media accounts. But, what more can you do without having to pay an insane amount of money on advertising or wasting time on designing things just right? Try using Aloha Kine Pics 'Marketing Kits'!

Our marketing Kits are designed to be your one-stop shop in advertising listings with ease! What does this package include? Let's take a look!

#1 ~ Property Websites

Both branded and unbranded property websites are included in this kit! & they are entirely customizable! However, we understand that your time is money! So to make things easier on our clients, eight predesigned websites are ready for you to choose from! It does all the heavy lifting for you! Simply fill in the listing's information, choose which design you like, & what color you want it to be in, then, 'snap'! Just like that, you're ready to share your new listing!

#2 ~ Flyers

As old-fashioned, as it might be, flyers can be an extremely effective tool to helping a realtor get the word out about their new listing. The problem is, though, that throwing together a well-designed flyer will take some time to work out all the kinks and get everything lined up just right! We take the hassle out of this by offering twelve predesigned flyers. & If you want to customize it to fit your brand, you are more than welcomed too!

#3 ~ Social Media tiles

In a day and age where social media can get a message out faster than a wildfire could spread, you should be utilizing this free tool to its great limits! We offer a wide variety of predesigned posts to make it as simple as possible. Let your audience know that a house was 'Just listed!' or that you have an upcoming 'Open House!'. Whichever design you use, you'll definitely be ready to post that new listing with ease!

#4 ~ Site Videos

Whether you book a video shoot or a regular photo package, you can get these site videos included. It is a simple slideshow of all the media that we took of your listing. You can post it on social if you want or place it on websites! There are both Branded, Unbranded, & Teaser Videos. The Branded and Unbranded videos will include information about the listing, such as # of bedrooms, baths, address, & the listing price. Here you can get simple videos without having to pay the extra costs!

So! Now that you know what a Marketing Kit is and the many features that it possesses, are you ready to try it out!? Book a shoot with us, and we'll give you your first Marketing Kit for free! Use promo code: SHAREALOHA!

Thanks for reading! Till then, stay safe, take care, & mahalo for your time! ☺️



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