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Understanding the Differences Between Vertical & Cinematic Videos

In the dynamic world of real estate marketing, video has become a game-changer, captivating potential buyers and showcasing properties like never before. In this blog, we'll specifically explore the key differences between our two popular video services: Vertical Videos and Cinematic Videos. Each format brings its own unique advantages, and as a realtor, understanding their strengths can help you make the most of your property listings. Let's dive into the world of vertical and cinematic videos and discover how they can elevate your real estate ventures!


1. Vertical Videos: Perfect for Social Media Impact Vertical videos are tailored to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, where the vertical format reigns supreme. Typically running around 45 seconds, these eye-catching videos are designed to leave viewers wanting more. There are two formats to choose from:

  • a. ) Standard Speed Ramp Walkthrough: This quick-paced walkthrough showcases both the exterior and interior of the property, highlighting its best features in a condensed yet impactful manner.

  • b. ) Cinematic Vertical Video: Available when booking a 1 or 2-minute cinematic video, this format reformats footage from our high-quality 4K Mirrorless camera, creating a compressed overview that still captures the essence of your listing.

Vertical videos are ideal for clean listings, focusing on a few main points of the house, piquing curiosity among your followers and potential clients, and much more.


2. Cinematic Videos: Unveiling the Essence of Your Listing Cinematic videos, available in 1-minute or 2-minute formats, are captured using a high-quality 4K camera. These videos offer a comprehensive view of the property, showcasing its exterior, interior, layout, and even the potential lifestyle of a potential buyer. The longer duration allows the property to shine and reveal what truly makes it stand out.

Cinematic videos are perfect for clean listings, renovated properties, high-end listings, and those that deserve an in-depth presentation.


BONUS - Adding Drone Excerpt: Elevating the Viewing Experience Both vertical and cinematic videos can be enhanced with our Drone Excerpt service. This adds a 5-15 second segment of drone footage to the video, showcasing the property's community, nearby attractions, and unique views that will capture the imagination of viewers.


Video is a powerful tool in your real estate marketing arsenal, and understanding the differences between Vertical Videos and Cinematic Videos allows you to leverage each format's strengths effectively. Whether it's the quick and impactful vertical videos tailored for social media or the comprehensive cinematic videos providing an in-depth view, both forms of filming will set you apart as a standout realtor. Your clients will be reassured that you are going above and beyond to showcase their beautiful homes. Ready to take your real estate ventures to the next level? Reach out to us with any questions, or better yet, book your video services now on our home page! Elevate your listings with the magic of video today! 🎥🏡



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